0. Availability:In stock. 30 Mar 2018 With extraordinary coins in demand, an NGC Details Coins grade is just part State coins don't have a place in hobbyists' personal collections; they do. Plautius Plancus, 47 BC ROMAN REPUBLIC AR Denarius NGC XF. ) NGC - XF - It isn't every day you have the opportunity to own one of the earliest coins ever issued  Items 1 - 30 of 48 after 281 BC Taras AR Didrachm NGC Choice XF (Ancient Roman) Strike:4/5; AD 98-117 Trajan AR Tetradrachm NGC XF (Ancient Roman)  2 Dec 2016 1500. S. 00) x 1 = 220. Listed in Krause's Standard Catalog of World  T VET SABINUS SILVER DENARIUS - FIGURE IN BIGA TYPE EX CLAIN-STEFANELLI COLLECTION - XF STAR NGC GRADED ROMAN REPULICAN COIN  Don't miss out! . Save  Home · Ancient & Shipwreck Coins; Roman Silver Denarius Caracalla AD 198-217 Seven Hills Hoard NGC CH XF. Asia, Tiger T Gov't of Texas, Cr#H17A, "uniface" shaded variety. 1996-D Jefferson 9676 1836 1st Steam Coinage, J-MT-21 CU— Improperly Cleaned— NCS. Complete details with minor wear on most of the high points. com. Mancius / Pulcher Silver AR Denarius. C. The reverse die is shared with O-101, O-106,  We offer an incredible selection of PCGS and NGC certified Cents! Don't miss out on this rare 1871 Two-Cent Piece in NGC XF 40 BN (Brown) at this low price  17 Feb 2017 The PCGS Genuine and NGC Details holders have no grade on them. 1877-S Trade Silver Dollar T$1 - NGC XF Details (EF) - Rare Certified Coin. Hilt specimen. Mercury Dime, NGC XF Details:Imp. 1857-D Gold Half Eagle Liberty, NGC XF DETAILS, The obverse scratch keeps this coin in the "Details" holder, but even in this condition, it's a  L. This rare find will make a great addition to any precious  4193 1860 Mint Cabinet Medal MS63 Brown NGC. . XF 9684 George T. 00 XF Details PCGS PCGS # 6514PCGS Coin Facts. USPS First-Class . When in doubt, don't. CALABRIA. 111-110 BC Roman Republic T. 1942/41 U. Co. Image 2. AR Didrachm. NGC Details grading assigns an adjectival grade to a coin with surface problems based on the amount of wear . "One of the most trusted coin dealers in the Southeast!" - Matt W. The images don't do this coin justice. XF✭ (Choice Extremely . 2 Toothed Border NGC XF 40 BN. FNB Absecon N. 1 VF Sold For 110. 1929 T. 1900) Cattle Exchange Saloon — Scratches — NGC Details, XF, brass, great 1890) C. Grading your coin with PCGS or NGC could dramatically change the value. VF 35. . Morgan $100 Gold Union Ultra Cameo Gem Proof NGC. Ma. Morgan. We encourage you to double-check that  Up for sale here is an excellent 1877-S Trade Dollar that has been certified and professionally judged to be in XF Details Condition (Cleaned) by the NGC  XF. Shop our huge inventory of Gold Coins from France. As an example, if you have a nice looking XF barber quarter, it doesn't become worth more just because PCGS calls it an XF 40  25 Nov 2017 Many Coins here are the only ones listed in the NGC Census <*. 00; 1926-S 10¢ NGC XF Details Sold For 75. Call (800) 375-9006 or shop at APMEX. 00 + 20. 00; $20 N. NGC uses the internationally accepted Sheldon grading scale of 1 to 70, which was XF 40. 29 Apr 2004 I don't blame you for being annoyed as it seems to me to be an easy . Image 1. 1045653 | GREEK. The obverse die is unique to O-108. named after by the United States Mint assistant engraver George T. SKU: U-3162. ΣI to right, ΦIΛOKΛHΣ below / T. NCS does the conservation and sends it to NGC and it grades XF. 1893-CC $1 Morgan Silver Dollar VF/XF /Q-943. 1787-T France Gold Louis D'or XF-40 NGC for sale. Can't Email or Call Right Now? . TO 1600, 4R (1556-98)MOO PHILIP II, NGC XF 45, Early Mexico (more. Some are AU Details, other XF details. F024. View Coin, BOLIVIA 8R 1621, BOLIVIA - COLONIAL, 8R 1621P T (27g), NGC VF  Home · Hungary Coin; 1658 KB Hungary Taler Thaler Silver Coin DAV-3198 - NGC XF Details - K. Washington MS66 PCGS. 50 Fifty  Great Britain Victoria Penny 1865 K-749. 00 . (Extremely Fine Details) / PROOF XF DETAILS. If it was rare but  Lydian Third-Stater (Trite) struck in Electrum (610-546 B. G, VG, F, VF, XF, 50, 53, 55, 58, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70. 24 May 2015 My Concerns with NGC grading AU - Almost Uncirculated - I think NGC should use the common English terms I don't think this coin is nearly FDC. PCGS Population (2/2927). NGC Census: (3/95). There are only 2 MS-64 coins graded by NGC, with only 1 graded MS-65. See 1 more picture. The Morgan Silver Dollar is collected around the world for its classic image of Liberty design by George T. 1859 O Liberty Seated Half Dollar NGC XF 45 US Rare Coin . AU equates to EF and XF equates to GVF in our conventional ancient  SD Bullion is proud to offer this historic Twelve Caesars Domitian AR Denarius AD 81-96 | NGC XF coin. Morgan Silver Dollar graded Extremely Fine (XF) Details (Cleaned) by NGC. Roman Republic, Random Silver Denarius (3rd-1st Centuries BC) NGC XF Don't delay! Add a random 3rd-1st Century AD Roman Republic Silver Denarius to  23 hours ago 1896-O $1 Morgan Silver Dollar NGC MS60 /T-442. Tarentum (Taras). PCGS Population (11/100). Got back several coins from NGC graded "Details - Improperly Cleaned". Numismedia Wsl. Base, $, -, -, -, 1225 NGC CENSUS DETAIL Last Updated: 4/30/2018 1883 T$1 PF  Results 1 - 48 of 180 1873 TRADE DOLLAR SILVER T$1 PATTERN JUDD-1310 RARITY 4 1878-S Trade Silver Dollar T$1 - NGC GRADED XF Details EXTRA  Up for sale here is an excellent 1877 Trade Dollar that has been certified and professionally judged to be in XF Details Condition (Cleaned) by the NGC Grading  P]]bjf gb STgTe_XaT PccTPe Xa gWT ceT_XfT bU gWT eh]T( QTRthT gWTfT UerhTag XgT_fT gf gb VTaTePgT gWT STerTS eh]Tf* JW T 1T RbaS ngc Xf  Results 1 - 48 of 121 1878-S Trade Silver Dollar T$1 - NGC GRADED XF Details EXTRA FINE SAN FRANCISCO. Pin It  8 Mar 2018 Xf Details NGC 5152 - 1853 50C Sold to t*****3 for (200. Mintage: 14,994. 00 M9(1876) JAPAN T$1 NGC AU Details. $650. This article PCGS also doesn't holder coins that have plugged holes. Cleaned. USPS First-Class  Home · Ancient & Shipwreck Coins; Roman Empire Silver Denarius of Antoninus Pius Golden Age Hoard NGC XF. 1 XF  Shop XF NGC Emperor Constantius II Roman Empire Bronze Coin 8535686, read customer reviews and more at HSN. Price (#9401) 10600 1946-D Booker T. J. 1877-CC T$1 --Improperly Cleaned--NCS. and T. 1658 KB Hungary Taler Thaler Silver Coin DAV-3198 - NGC  1795 NGC VF-XF Flowing Hair Half Dollar, O-110a, neat double die break If it wasn't nice enough to fit our high quality set, we didn't buy it. Mintage: - Available at 2009 February Long Beach, CA 923 items Ngc 1911B Great Britain T$1 -platinum -gold, ngc 1911B Great Britain T$1 XF DETAILS German States LIPPE-DETMOLD 1789 NGC XF DETAILS 1  Central American Republic 1825T JD 2 Reales – NGC XF 45 . El Salvador 1839 2 Reales T-3 C/S on Peru 2 Reales – NGC VF 35. 1989-P Jefferson Nickel— Struck on a 1989 1C— MS65 Red NGC. Tier Pricing  Home; >; Copper and Nickel Coins; >; 1908-S Indian Cent NGC XF-40 BN -Don T. This 1892-S example  1794 O-108, T-6 R7 NGC XF Details Flowing Hair Half Dollar. Struck circa 280-272 BC. 1869 1C PCGS XF Details -Damage - This coin has nice XF detail, can't see any  1772-1824 Spain Gold 8 Escudo NGC XF as it may sound today, America's first official legal tender gold coins weren't American at all -- they were Spanish! Product Description. El Salvador 1834/3 "Zig  Mancius / Pulcher Silver AR Denarius NGC Ch XF. 22 Feb 2017 Details Sold For 50. NGC Ch. XF Details. NGC Census: (0/2038)