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Learn more Z-Wave is the leading smarthome control technology existing in everyday things like lights, locks, thermostats, and more. Thanks and special mention to Jelle Kalf for the development made and this plugin! Following the steps shown below you can control your Roomba through Fibaro Home Center 2 and RooWifi: Place for questions and discussion about our Fibaro for HomeKit devices app, Fibaro HomeKit devices and HomeKit platform in general. Smart TV, weather station, alarm or video entry system. See our Z-wave and HomeKit devices and learn their broad functionalities. Adding Plugin. 5. 316 posts. Full support for Fibaro RGB controller; Full support for Danfoss Thermostat; Version 0. Plugins allow user to easily integrate other devices, which are not equipped with Z-Wave communication, eg. So just got a Sonos Play 1 and want to integrate it with my Fibaro HC2. Please note that this plugin only keeps the systems in sync in one way. In order to cope with the limits of HomeKit accessory per bridge (100 maximum) the plugin now group Home Center devices into a single HomeKit accessory per room. 0. Removing Plugin Full support for Fibaro RGB controller; Full support for Danfoss Thermostat; Version 0. Check the extensive knowledge base with all smart home devices from FIBARO. If a linked Fibaro Output is turned on/off directly (either using the physical device, or the Fibaro interface), the OpenMotics Output will not be changed. Poweradapter HC 2; The output_id is the OpenMotics Output ID, and the fibaro_output_id is the ID of the Output in the Fibaro system. This way you can control them using your smartphone or tablet, also using the remote access feature. I tried the Sonos plugin available from within the HC2 plugin section but it . Interact with your HomeKit-enabled FIBARO accessories by using Siri on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch